Search, Edit and Save Documents Easily Using Familiar Desktop Tools

Arcuity believes that, while realty companies need a software solution to consolidate and streamline their processes, this program does not have to be an esoteric or alien experience. As a SharePoint real estate template, REALTY|share Desktop brings clients in this unique industry all the ease and familiarity of working with the Microsoft suite of products without sacrificing any of the functionality needed to improve their business processes.
Our Product's Desktop Version Integrates with Existing Office Peripherals
Many real estate companies require a better way to manage their information as their portfolio grows — documents become difficult to find, agents cannot access data remotely, and tasks fall through the cracks. What many firms discover, however, is that most document management solutions require a significant data migration and do not communicate with their existing software. This difficulty further contributes to the glut of organizational programs, each used to manage a single item on a long list of real estate business processes. Agents naturally resist these sorts of procedural changes, as they will have to learn an entirely new system to perform their work. Our software answers each of these problems, representing a real solution for real estate companies in need of relief.

Functionalities as a Desktop-Based SharePoint Real Estate Template

Its foundation on the SharePoint platform allows REALTY|share Desktop to bring much of the Microsoft 365 experience into its function as a real estate document management system. We outline how it alleviates several pain points below:
  • Works like the Windows File Explorer application, but more powerful
  • Search according to title and content as per usual
  • Also search according to metadata, keywords, or search refiners to find the exact file in question
  • Familiar design and intuitive controls reduce time spent searching for information that users need at their fingertips
  • Can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat PDF files in REALTY|share directly from search results
  • Always keeps most recent version in circulation
  • Can set up notifications for every time a document of interest receives an update (according to roles, access permissions, or individual users)
  • Manage metadata tags, add new ones as appropriate (e.g., “2021 mold inspection”)
  • Makes searching yet easier
  • Highly customizable
  • Integration with the Desktop application offers users a “Save to REALTY|share” option on all Word and Excel documents
  • Automatically fills out as much metadata as possible based on content and structure
  • We can set up additional auto-tagging capabilities unique to a client’s environment, which users activate by using the right file naming practices
REALTY|share offers these capabilities and more, helping real estate companies boost efficiency. Contact Arcuity today to find out about all the ways our solution can help your organization modernize your business processes.