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Document Management for the Modern Real Estate Organization

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Real Estate Document Management

A Secure, searchable document management system for employees, partners, and third parties.

  • Property Documents
  • Department Documents
  • Search
  • Role Based Security

Property Portal

A Real Estate portal that consolidates property-centric documents and reports, and streamlines business processes.

  • Documents
  • Tenant and Lease Data
  • Workorders and Tasks
  • Financial Reports
  • Integration with Data from MRI, Yardi, and other systems

Asset Collaboration

A virtual office space where employees can chat, video conference, and co-edit documents leveraging the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • Chat
  • Video Conference
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing

REALTY|share Desktop

REALTY|share Desktop integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe (PDF) and includes a “Windows-like” File Explorer for a complete document and email management solution.

  • Drag and drop from Outlook into REALTY|share / SharePoint
  • Save directly from Office Applications into REALTY|share
  • Update and edit PDFs in Adobe and save directly into REALTY|share
  • Use Search Panels to find documents in your system quickly and easily

REALTY|share Empowers Real Estate Professionals to Work Efficiently

Eliminate Errors and Missed Deadlines by Automating Tasks for Each Property

Securely Store and Access Critical Property Documents

Search, Edit and Save Documents Easily Using Familiar Desktop Tools

Consolidate Financial and Occupancy Data from Yardi, MRI, and Other Systems

Cut Costs Resulting from Multiple Single-Function Software Solutions

Easily Access Content from Anywhere

Keep In Touch With All Your Partners

Automatically Tag and Save Documents