Keep In Touch With All Your Partners

Arcuity has produced a real estate client portal to help agencies maintain a cohesive working relationship with their 3rd party collaborators. Real estate companies work with outside partners throughout the many processes involved in property ownership and sales. Regulations and standards answer data security concerns specific to the real estate industry, requiring administrators to closely regulate which users can access what information. As such, ensuring access to relevant property documents typically requires that agents spend time fetching information from their system and sending it to whatever attorney, engineer, architect, or other contractor needs to see or edit it. Keeping the correct number of hands in the pot is a struggle for any data-oriented business that collaborates with 3rd parties. Arcuity offers a better solution through our real estate document management solution called REALTY|share.

How REALTY|share Makes It Easy

Based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform (and therefore compatible with all Office 365 programs), REALTY|share creates a central hub for real estate documents and processes. While SharePoint offers administrators a variety of tools to maintain order over their environment, including permissions and roles, these broad-use tools require convoluted data management schemes to ensure affected parties can access only the information pertinent to them. REALTY|share answers this setback by offering a built-in client portal. This out-of-the-box functionality allows clients to grant 3rd party partners viewing and editing abilities on files pertaining to individual properties relevant to their involvement. Clients find that extending access can be performed in a few clicks and their collaborators appreciate that accepting takes even less. Effectively using this feature helps administrators maintain the fine control needed to not only manage their REALTY|share environment, but also ensure data security.
If your real estate company needs a more seamless and efficient way to include your partners in the process, contact Arcuity to find out more about how REALTY|share’s client portal can help.