Automatically Tag and Save Documents

  • As part of the REALTY|share implementation, we define the structure for storing documents as well as the set of metatags for each document type. 
  • For example, a property’s Financial Documents might have the following metatags:  Document Type, Property Name, Asset Class, Fund, Document Sub-Type, Month, Year.
  • REALTY|share is designed to apply metatag values automatically wherever possible.  In our Financial Documents example, when the October 2020 Balance Sheet for City View Terraces is loaded into the repository, the system is able to automatically populate values for Document Type, Property Name, Asset Class, and Fund.  The user populates Document Sub-Type, Month and Year.
  • Some customers choose to go even further by implementing additional automation and intelligence to the tagging of documents.  For example, all financial documents can be output by the financial system into a holding folder.  The use of an appropriate file naming convention allows REALTY|share to automatically ingest these files on a periodic basis and apply all of the metatags without any human intervention.
  • This automatic tagging of documents significantly reduces the effort required of the user and ensures long term integrity and value of the document management system.
Real Estate Document Management Product