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Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to Collaborate on Documents and Store Final Version in SharePoint Repository

In today’s environment working remotely is a key factor to success and Microsoft 365 and Teams has answered the call
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Microsoft Office 365 as a Foundation Technology for Real Estate Information Management

Perhaps it’s generational; maybe it’s education; You could call it necessity – always the mother of invention.  Whatever the cause,
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Ensure your organization is storing documents in a consistent, repeatable structure for all your assets

What’s more frustrating, not being able to find a document or not knowing if the document is the latest version?
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Abel Solutions Launches Arcuity, an Innovator in Technology Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

The company will provide real estate developers and management firms with first-of-its-kind document management, workflow and collaboration tools based on
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Arcuity to Exhibit at Realcomm 2018; Demonstrate Innovative Real Estate Process Management Solution, REALTY|share

REALTY|share was designed and developed to empower real estate firms by providinginvaluable order, efficiency, and insight for their real estate operations.
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Incorporating External Data in your Real Estate Management System

During the course of implementing one of our Business Solution Accelerators, REALTY|Share (a Real Estate Management portal based upon SharePoint or Office
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5 Steps to Help End-Users A.D.O.P.T – Real Estate Corporate Intranet O365 Edition

When clients decide to invest in a SharePoint portal, they do so with the intent to create synergy and efficiency
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Leveraging SharePoint for Your Real Estate Enterprise Information Management Portal

Imagine a poll of 100 real estate executives about their confidence in their document management system. Do you have a
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