Eliminate Errors and Missed Deadlines by Automating Tasks for Each Property

  • When REALTY|share is configured for a real estate company, we work with you to identify what property-specific business functions would benefit from the assignment of tasks and task due dates.
  • Examples of task lists that a real estate company could access as part of the REALTY|share property portal include Due Diligence, Work Orders, and Property Inspections. 
  • When a new property is added to the system, the property task lists are automatically generated.  In some cases – such as a Due Diligence business process – the task list can be built based on a standard template that the organization uses for each new deal.  This ensures consistency in the operation from one deal cycle to the next. 
  • REALTY|share users have access to a “My View” portal page that consolidates all tasks assigned to them based on business function and grouped by individual property.
  • Overdue tasks can be set to send reminders to the assignee as well as escalations to managers.