Cut Costs Resulting from Multiple Single-Function Software Solutions

Arcuity offers clients a different type of real estate management software — one designed with this industry’s unique challenges in mind. Our product, called REALTY|share, can help agencies better control their data to increase efficiency and productivity across their organization. One area of difficulty in which we find that many companies struggle is the proliferation of programs they use to perform their business processes. This glut of solutions on the market, combined with the tendency for each department to fulfill their own needs, increases the likelihood of each using a different automation tool that does not necessarily communicate with the others. Implementing such an array of different software can create more problems than they solve, including new security, governance, and data integrity considerations, not to mention the inherent difficulty imposed by training new hires on an ever-ballooning number of programs.
Cut Costs Resulting from Multiple Single-Function Software Solutions
REALTY|share brings clients a different experience: one in which most business processes live on a single program, and all others work cohesively with their central document repository. Eliminating the need for all these different single-use software solutions also eliminates the accompanying licensing fee, and we know every company could stand to cut costs.

How REALTY|share Makes a Difference

One of the hallmarks of the REALTY|share experience is how well it integrates with companies’ existing processes housed on Microsoft 365, the software suite used by most businesses across the world. This synergy comes from the fact that Arcuity built REALTY|share based on the SharePoint platform. Our solution brings all of the collaboration and efficiency benefits that the SharePoint system offers to companies of almost any industry and configures them to serve challenges faced by real estate companies. Furthermore, we offer support during the installation and implementation phase to customize each client’s REALTY|share environment to their unique needs — whether that entails configuring automated data pulls from inescapable products like Yardi or using that information to generate dynamic Power BI visualizations.
One of the easiest and fastest ways to streamline your real estate business processes is to bring them all under one roof. Let that roof be REALTY|share. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help boost your company’s operational efficiency.