Securely Store and Access Critical Property Documents

Most real estate document storage solutions are not serving this fast-paced industry effectively. Real Estate companies require a robust environment in which they can securely store, easily locate, and quickly access the most current versions of their data from anywhere — a variety of needs that the average document management software does not cover. Arcuity offers a more comprehensive answer to these difficulties in our real estate document storage software called REALTY|share.

Real Estate Document Storage System — Available on Desktop and Mobile

REALTY|share as a Real Estate Document Storage Solution

Our solution affords real estate clients a central repository for all documents to live, giving every stakeholder access to the most up-to-date version of their data according to their needs. Storing and accessing both property and department documents has never been easier. Based on Office 365’s SharePoint, REALTY|share leverages the powerful collaboration and security features offered standard through this trusted Microsoft platform. These features include, but are not limited to:
  • Personnel authentication through Microsoft Azure ensures no unwelcome guests find their way into your secure environment
  • Access to document libraries restricted according to assigned roles and group membership
  • Assign members limited access, read, contribute, edit, or design permissions (each with a different level of control and access) over a list, library, or page
  • Allow groups of users to see only information pertinent to them, such as employee information for members of the HR department or leasing documents for those assigned to the property
  • Makes finding individual files easier
  • Can search by title, author, content, etc.
  • Uses tagged metadata instead of windows explorer-style folder system
  • Allows users to sort by categories — whether as general as Word documents or as specific as lease agreements from 2020
  • Allows live collaboration on files between multiple users
  • Locks sections being edited by one contributor to prevent disorder
  • Set maximum number of collaborators able to work on files at the same time
  • Users can receive notifications whenever a change has been made to any file that they can co-author
  • Supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files
  • Alternatively, we can enable this feature to ensure only one user can edit files at a given time
  • Useful in more static libraries wherein changes will be fewer and farther between
  • Allows contributors to attach a comment commemorating any changes they made while the file was checked out
  • Turning this on for document libraries causes the REALTY|share to maintain records of previous versions
  • Show who made recent edits, what they changed, and when it happened, as well as any changes to metadata or comments logged on files upon check-in
  • Check different versions, compare changes between them without overwriting the most recent version
  • Simple recovery process to remedy unwanted changes: identify desired version by previewing it in local application, click “restore” to replace current version
  • Customizing version intervals and setting maximum number of versions maintained allows for administrators to manage storage considerations — manageable at the list or library levels
  • Sets automated processes to work when configured events trigger them
  • Streamlines rote processes by removing human component wherever possible
  • Automatic notifications and requests eliminate communication lag among users performing interconnected tasks
  • Enforces consistency in mechanical tasks that need to be performed the exact same way every time
  • Automates data retention processes and fulfills compliance requirements standard across the real estate industry
  • Define how long records should be maintained, and REALTY|share will automatically delete them at the end of the period
  • Can be done at the file, library, content type, or site collection level
Microsoft SharePoint offers a suite of features that can benefit any company that runs on strong documentation, but REALTY|share delivers something more.

What Sets REALTY|share Apart

Decades of experience serving real estate companies have given Arcuity the insight to design a tailor-made solution for their unique challenges. REALTY|share comes ready, out of the box, to populate with users and property files, configured to reflect industry-standard business practices by offering a top-level document storage structure. We observe industry best practices to ensure that environments are both sustainable and scalable as clients move forward with their business.
Arcuity also made quality-of-life improvements to the standard SharePoint offering, including the following:
  • Identifying users and setting security roles for clients during installation support
  • Providing pre-configured employee and investor portals
  • Adding meta-tagging support to ease transition away from file explorer-type document repositories
  • Comes with a host of pre-defined metatags appropriate to the real estate industry
  • Automatically searches files uploaded to document library and tags as many attributes as possible

Arcuity’s REALTY|share affords the industry a comprehensive document storage solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our product can help your real estate company thrive by boosting your business processes’ efficiency.