Automatically Tag and Save Documents

Arcuity offers a comprehensive real estate document management system for clients who need to get a better handle on their files. Over their years in business, agencies will have to keep track of massive amounts of property information. They must maintain backlogs of data on each new property they add to their portfolio — starting with due diligence, continuing through purchase documents, into a record of all maintenance or repair projects, and ending with sales agreements. Making this data accessible takes a rigorous organizational scheme to ensure that users can locate their files. Arcuity recognizes the limitations of the nested folder structure used by Windows Explorer and imitators, so our solution offers a different answer. Allow us to introduce REALTY|share.
Real Estate Document Management Product
Built from the Microsoft SharePoint platform, REALTY|share benefits from its advanced filing system using metatags. While a nested folder structure puts files in single, stagnant destinations, metatagging allows users to dynamically search and sort their files according to how they were tagged. By setting views and filters in document libraries, users can then find all documents that match their query without knowing any specific folder path to locate them. The difficulty most users face in transitioning from the nested folder structure to the metatag system is remembering to manually apply this supplemental information to the file before saving it. We have improved the process through REALTY|share.

How REALTY|share Manages Your Document Management Process

Arcuity brought our decade of working alongside the real estate industry to bear when designing REALTY|share. Because we understand what categories of documents they most often work with, we programmed a variety of relevant metatags into our software for out-of-the-box utility, including:
  • Document Type
  • Property Name
  • Asset Class
  • Fund
  • Document Sub-Type
  • Month
  • Year
The implementation and adoption process allows us to adjust our clients’ document management environment, customizing them to their needs. To that end, Arcuity can add new metatags specific to how an individual client conducts their business. Furthermore, REALTY|share checks the files’ content upon being saved to the document library and automatically applies the appropriate metadata for the first four tags listed above. We offer the option for users to manually input the last three values themselves for instant results, or Arcuity can set up additional automation features to periodically apply metadata to stored documents with appropriate file names — whichever works better for them.
REALTY|share helps clients of the real estate industry improve their operational efficiency in an abundance of ways, including streamlining document management processes.