Consolidate Financial and Occupancy Data from Yardi, MRI, and Other Systems

Arcuity offers a solution custom-built to help clients update their real estate business processes — we call it REALTY|share. Real estate companies handle vast amounts of data, from due diligence checklists to resident lease agreements and everything in-between. Commonly used real estate management software like Yardi require a license for each user, making it cost-prohibitive for every agent to access and interact with the data housed there even though they may all use the information regularly. Alternatively, other programs restrict the amount of square footage (identified in each property) that users may access according to their particular license. This cost slows down business processes, as unlicensed agents must bother the privileged few for PDFs and data points. Not only does this inefficiency prevent agents from completing their tasks, but it also takes time away that these information-bearers could be using more productively. REALTY|share addresses these issues in a variety of ways.
Consolidate Financial and Occupancy Data from Yardi, MRI, and Other Systems

How REALTY|share Helps Improve Business Processes

Our SharePoint-based real estate template offers out-of-the-box functionality to increase the efficiency of clients’ business processes. As it applies to the situation described above, REALTY|share communicates with real estate companies’ existing software. Our solution is compatible with Yardi, MRI, and other popular real estate management programs, meaning users do not have to access these programs at all to retrieve their data — it lives in REALTY|share. Document libraries afford common access to everyone, while granular permissions controls allow administrators to limit who can access which libraries, as well as whether they can see, edit, or delete the files therein according to their role.
Not only does our solution connect to and aggregate the data points from other real estate management software, but it can also use them to produce reports for users to open and share from within REALTY|share. Our experts implement this feature during the installation phase to configure it according to client needs. These reports are created in the Power BI visualization tool, another product in the Microsoft suite, that allows users to get more out of their data than can be gained in a static graph. This program uses the underlying data (which REALTY|share pulls directly from clients’ existing real estate property management infrastructure) to present it new and meaningful ways using a variety of visualizations and filters. This functionality exists because Microsoft built SharePoint with collaboration and connectivity in mind; likewise, we built REALTY|share with the real estate industry in mind.
If your company needs a robust real estate document management system that streamlines business processes by improving collaboration, automating tasks, aggregating data in one place, then it sounds like your company needs REALTY|share.