Easily Access Content from Anywhere

Arcuity’s cloud-based real estate software solution can help agencies of any size maintain operational efficiency wherever their work takes them. The average real estate company stores a great deal of property information in their offices. Keeping these files accessible and up to date requires a robust document management system to act as a central repository for this data. The problem arises in how — or more precisely, where — users can interact with that information. Arcuity knows that many real estate business processes do not occur solely behind an agent’s assigned desk. Allowing employees to remotely access the data they need to perform their duties frees their productivity from the confines of the office. Our cloud-based real estate software solution, REALTY|share, handles this concern by guaranteeing users access to their content wherever they have an internet connection.
RealtyShare - Easily Access Content from Anywhere

Keeping Users in Touch

Our product comes in three iterations — one accessed through the browser, one through the desktop application, and one through a mobile app. REALTY|share users can enjoy the benefits from all three with a single contract. Our software stores and backs up data on the cloud, allowing agents to complete their tasks at home, on the jobsite, or anywhere else they get internet. The desktop version also supports synchronizing individual folders with local files for times when the agent has no access to an internet connection, such as during a flight. By checking out a file that has a local version on their device, a user can make updates remotely and then check the document back in to the library to populate the updates in the shared version. Because we know that users increasingly rely on smartphones as their tool of choice, Arcuity made sure to optimize our app’s layout to support mobile without sacrificing any ease-of-use or functionality.
The real estate industry needs the flexibility that comes with cloud-based document management systems. Contact Arcuity today to find out how REALTY|share can help your business make this improvement.