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Unlocking Efficiency: Understanding Metadata as Dynamic Filing

Moving off a file share network and into SharePoint involves a series of challenges along the spectrum of the purely technical to managing organizational attitudes and adoption. The latter has
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Use SharePoint Without Ever Having to Open Your Browser

Store and tag documents quickly into SharePoint Online while leveraging REALTY|share Desktop. Our tool integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe (PDF) and includes a “Windows-like” File
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Moving to a Property-Centric Document Structure for Real Estate

The real estate industry is document-heavy. Professionals across the organization must create, store, edit and consume documents as part of their daily work. The document folder structure (“file tree” or
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Why You Should be Leveraging Document Sets in Your SharePoint System

Document Sets are folder-like groupings of files and a great way to improve the organization of similar documents within your SharePoint environment for many different reasons – the most important
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