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Migrating your Real Estate Documents to SharePoint

Migration is a critical component of a successful SharePoint implementation. Migration is the process of moving documents from their existing unstructured network file shares to a structured, metadata driven SharePoint
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Using SharePoint As a Portal For Property Data

SharePoint is a versatile platform used by companies for such business functions as document management, portals, collaboration and process automation.  While many real estate companies have discovered the deep value
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Should we use metadata or stick with folders in our SharePoint document management system?

This is the most frequently asked question when I meet with clients to discuss their document management needs. The taxonomy guru in me screams USE MANAGED METADATA!!! Applying MMD to
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Zero Email – Too Good To Be True?

Increasingly over the past decade, a major pain point in modern offices has been encapsulated in the phrase “This meeting could have been an email.” So much so that it’s
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