Use SharePoint Without Ever Having to Open Your Browser

Store and tag documents quickly into SharePoint Online while leveraging REALTY|share Desktop. Our tool integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe (PDF) and includes a “Windows-like” File Explorer for a complete document and email management solution.

Remove the Burden of Entering Metadata from SharePoint Business Users

Making Business Easier

True document management solutions like SharePoint replace the familiar network share and its file tree structure with a system of document libraries and metadata. The challenge to a successful deployment of SharePoint is finding the balance between implementing a well-structured metadata taxonomy and the natural resistance of business users to entering metadata each time they save a new document. This demo shows you how REALTY|share elegantly addresses this challenge.

Quickly File Documents from a Central Location into Your REALTY|share Property Site

R|s Librarian

The REALTY|share Librarian empowers users to file documents from a central location and store those documents at the selected property site or sites. The Librarian will improve your Acquisitions Team “Property Closing” process by quickly and effectively filing documents in the selected library for a property with the required metadata fields, while making tax season a smooth breeze for your organization’s Accounting Department. For any questions on our new REALTY|share Librarian feature or REALTY|share document management system please click here.

Ensure your organization is storing documents in a consistent, repeatable structure for all your assets

What’s more frustrating, not being able to find a document or not knowing if the document is the latest version? With REALTY|share, the industry’s only Office 365/SharePoint document management system you can create a consistent repeatable structure for all your asset documents and eliminate those issues. In this demo the REALTY|share team walks you through how this is done on the platform.